Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reinforcements have arrived!

Is that Saydee's sister or her Grandma?

Saydee and Collin Plaisted
Saydee's first date. Collin wanted a goodnight kiss, Saydee wasn't havin it!

Saydee before and after her bath

Shelby's mom and little sister arrived on Sunday. Its very nice to have the extra help around the house. Saydee is doing great, she is eating and sleeping so well. We are so blessed because not only is she healthy, but also because her personality is so mild. She is so curious and calm which is nice when you have only had 3 hours of sleep at night.
We would also like to thank everyone for the comments and cards, we really appreciate it.


Alicia said...

That picture of her in the towel is soooo cute! She's so adorable! Shelby I hope you feel better soon!

Kourt and Megan said...

She is so cute! And looks totally different in her photo shoot pictures from when I saw her on Sunday! You still need to e-mail me the ones of Saydee and Collin together. Thanks!

The Dorsey Family said... guys have the CUTEST and I mean cutest baby ever. She is so adorable and I LOVE grandma's touch with the BIG bows. It kind of makes me maybe want another one. Okay, well maybe I'll just have to snuggle Saydee when you finally get up here. I can't wait to see you guys.

Dan & Julie Mertlich said...

I love the most beautiful Grandma picture! Well, next to me (a little sibling rivalry) I feel like I'm viewing pictures of you as a baby, Shelb, that is so fun. The big bows and flowers must by your mom's added touch. Beautiful baby, her mom, and her grandma. thanks for the picture in the mail.

Love, Aunt Julie

Oh and Ted, good job I love your personality coming out in this blogspot.