Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day Two: Saydee Comes Home

Let me first of all say I am going to post a lot of pictures of her, primarily so our families can see her. Sorry about the redundancy =)

Looking good after a big baby

I don't know why but Saydee hated her little cart. Everytime we put here in it, she would cry.

People were so nice to give us flowers, Shelby's mom, my boss Paul Dye, and the Markham family

Sandy's flowers were Saydee's favorite!

Finally I got a picture with her eyes open, but then she closed them right away

Further proof she hated her incubator!

Daddy's girl

So here is what we know about Saydee so far...........
Filling her diaper
Nice Nurses
Pink Blankets
"What not to wear" and "Ten years younger"

Mean nurses that give shots
Changing her diaper
Taking off her clothes
AFL football

P.S. We decided to name her Saydee Ann Sutarik instead of Saydee Maree


Webster family said...

She's a cutie. I love that she has so much hair!

Dan and Katherine Miller said...

ESON and What Not To Wear, she's a perfect mix. Very pretty little girl and I think that Saydee Ann is a pretty name.

Conger's said...

I just love her hair! It is so cute! What a little angel!

Teri said...

Shelby you look so good. I am so happy for you. She is such a cute baby.