Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rexburg Airshow-Visitors from Provo-Baby Update!

We had a very exciting weekend, Wes and Jennifer Harris (Jenn seen in the picture with Shelby) came to visit us from Provo where Wes is a graduate student. While they were here, the Annual Rexburg Airshow was going on, so we were able to see some cool planes.

Here I am standing next to a B-25 bomber
P.S -I don't think I have ever seen so many mullets in my life! Living in Idaho teaches an important lesson: Three things attract mullets, airshows, free firework shows, and state fairs.

Shelby has been having "little" contractions since 5:00 am this morning. This might be it!


jor said...

I know Wes and Jen! :) Thats fun to got to see them. Good luck with the contractions!

Anonymous said...

shelbs, i am so excited to read the next update. i'm praying for you and your little princess to have a safe and speedy delivery.
<3 angie (your defensive specialist/outfielding buddy)