Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Craziness!

This is how Ted watched Saydee while we were in Chicago. I went shopping!
Saydee and Teddy hangin out in Chicago watching football.

Go Huskies! This was the theme for the Christmas presents we got this year.

We were back in Seattle for Christmas. Aunt Linz and little Saydee on Christmas morning.

We came back from Chicago and found this...SNOW! It was pretty but the entire city shut down. There were not enough snow plows, salt is "bad for the enviornment" they say here in Seattle, and so...nobody went anywhere. It was pretty funny.

Saydee and her Grandma Sutarik reading together...or maybe she is just chewing on the book. Saydee, not Ted's mom. :)
Saydee and her Grandpa Sutarik in Chicago.

Uncle Timmy and baby Saydee.

Saydee's Great Grandma Virg, Great Grandpa Ed, and Tillie the dog. We had fun visiting them while we were in Chicago. They are both almost 90 and still going strong.

We had a great Christmas with family. It was crazy traveling everywhere, but a lot of fun. We hope that all of you had a great Christmas also. We love you all.


Super Angie said...

Wow! You guys had a busy Christmas! Love the matching collegiate apparel. :)

emily said...

oh my goodness, so much traveling! i was patting us on the back for going "all the way" to california, ha! you guys tripled that! we almost got stuck in utah b/c of the snow in portland and seattle. so crazy. we are getting all of your storms in utah. so fun, but i love the snow. i laughed at your salt comment. boy, they would hate rexburg huh? well, i guess the red rock is not salt so that's more environmentally healthy? love the MAM pacifier. it's all brennan would take. that's what saydee uses right?

Kourt and Megan said...

How fun! I bet Ted's parents were so happy you went out there. Look's like you had a good Christmas! Love you guys

Jennifer Harris said...

I love that top picture of Saydee with the pink hat...very cute. People always worry about flying through Denver or SLC, but the real worries are airports like Seattle or Vegas that get freak snowstorms that shut the towns down for a week. Atlanta is hilarious when it snows like one inch and every mall and restaurant shuts down immediately.

Alicia said...

That first picture is so ADORABLE! Love it. Yeah, we were in that same snow. Hills, snow, and no plows are not a good combination. We wanted to catch you guys but the snow kinda made everything a lot harder. Sad! =(

Carissa said...

Saydee is so adorable! Glad to hear you had a good vacation and were safe travelling. We heard it got pretty crazy over there in Washington!

Dan and Julie Mertlich said...

Great pictures Shelb, time does fly doesn't it? Love, Aunt Julie

Teri said...

She is getting so big, love that hat she has on, so cute.

Christine said...


I read your blog. So odd to see the name "sutarik" in this area. I believe we're related. Your grandfather is my dad Elmer's brother.