Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas presents that keep on giving!

This is the Christmas present Saydee got from my Aunt Heidi. Ted has nicknamed this toy thing "the miracle." She loves to play in it. It looks so fun that sometimes I see Ted trying to sneak in there with her!

Yes, I do load this thing with toys. She was 7 months in this picture.

This is our Christmas present to Saydee. Her very own couch! Saydee's friend Mallory loves to come over and hang out on it. They are cute little friends.


emily said...

oh yes, the exersaucer, brennan still plays in it every day. we call it his "ehem" chair though...b/c every morning we put him in it...well, you know;-)lol, hope that wasn't tmi.

Kristi said...

Brooklyn had the some one and loved it! I can't believe how big she is getting! Sorry we did not get to see you guys over the Christmas break....the weather was crazy and we did not get to do half the things that we wanted too. Maybe this summer??? I think we may be moving in with my parents for the summer.

Jessica Stoker said...

Jackson loved this jumper like that too, but enjoy it while it lasts because as soon as she can move she won't want to be stuck in that thing, haha. FREEDOM!