Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adventures in May

Uncle Scott is back from college and came to visit. We took a walk around the UW campus.
Saydee really loves Uncle Scott.

I realize that I look a little crazy in this picture.

Memorial Day at Grandma's house.

Saydee loves Aunt Brynlee.

When Scott was here we went to a UW baseball game.
We saw the "Sea Robin."

Scott, Saydee and my frizzy hair at the waterfront.

Saydee girl on her little couch and her $3 yard sale dress. I love a good find.

What the...?


em said...

i love that little couch! and ted sitting next to saydee while she screams. priceless;-)

Jessica Stoker said...

I didn't know Scott was already in college. Time goes by so fast. Saydee is looking more like a little girl. I love her facial expressions.

Maria said...

What a cute dress and good deal!! Love all the pictures! Saydee is soo cute!!

Courtright Family said...

I love the one with daddy sitting on the girly couch! So cute.

Kurt and Courtney said...

She's so pretty, Shelby! I can see a little bit of the both of you in there! Glad you're doing so well! Say hi to Ted! (Lots of !!!, I know.)

Dan and Julie Mertlich said...

Awesome pictures!! I love looking at them, thanks for keeping me posted on the family, they all look so great, love, Aunt Julie