Friday, September 18, 2009

Scott and Chi-Town

Our trip all started with this Wendy's in Colorado Springs. We had a good laugh at the color of Wendy's skin. Then it got better. We got our was disgusting, and our Diet Cokes tasted like bleach! I ran back to the guy at the window, and he didn't know what the heck was going on. He was blasting some heavy metal, and said he was from California. He had me taste the pop again, and told me I probably shouldn't drink it. (Duh!) He gave us our money back. We later realized that it was the water that was chlorinated and we were just not used to it. That was one crazy night. We finally made it to our hotel room at like 12:00 midnight.

Scott in his dorm room at the USAFA with everything perfectly organized.

This was the lunch for the cadets and families. You eat family style and pass everything around the table. Isn't it kinda crazy how big, and perfectly set everything is?

The Chapel. Cool huh?!

Scott and Mom.

Bryn and Saydee on Sunday.

Grand"mama" and and Bryn. This is the wall right before the Terrazzo, where it was super high security. We couldn't go down there unless Scott escorted us, and he swiped his "legit" USAFA card.

Saydee loved this little ledge by the airplane statue. She thought she was pretty cool stuff.

Me and Scooter Dude on Sunday at the dinner his ward had for all the cadets and their families.

Scott in front of some airplane. I don't know my stuff.

We read a lot of books in the hotel room. Saydee has the shirt on that I got her at the Air Force Academy gift shop.

Scott in front of a B52 Airplane. This is the plane that my Grandpa Shuman flew in the Air force.

Scott and Saydee. They were so cute together. At the hotel fountain, and blowing dandelions.

After our visit to the Air Force Academy we headed to Chicago. This is the outside of Great Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandpa works so hard in the yard to keep it looking this good when he is almost 90!

This is Tillie. She is the cutest dog ever. We went to visit Saydee's Great-Grandparents down the road. While we were walking she had an "accident." We didn't bring any extra clothes for her, so we visited them with Saydee only in a diaper. I tried to explain to Grandma Virg that I had extra clothes back in our suitcases, but not with me. She was so concerned and didn't understand what I was saying. She gave me money to buy more clothes for her. Thanks Grandma!

We found this sweet plane at the park by Ted's family's house. This picture was taken for Scott. Saydee is also obsessed with airplanes after visiting Scott.
Saydee's favorite spot in Grandma Sutarik's house. She even put towels in there and laid down one day. And yes, she has a scraped nose.

Ted's high school buddies at dinner. Francesca's restaurant...fancy huh?

Grandma, Grandpa and Saydee girl.

Family picture...a reflection.

The BEAN! Saydee thought it was the coolest thing ever! At least it made for some fun pictures.

A picture at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I don't know what the heck is on my shirt. :)

This is the fountain that Saydee got totally soaked in at Millennium out grandma in the background here comes crazy Saydee girl!


Jennifer Harris said...

Looks like you guys had a huge, fun trip! I can't believe how big Saydee looks. She's, like, a toddler. Last time I saw her she was kicking the inside of your stomach. I think it's so funny that Ted's grandma gave you money to get her clothes!

Dan and Julie Mertlich said...

I love the pictures! what a hunk Scott is in a uniform, thanks for keeping me up on the fam

Love, Aunt Julie

Casey and Lisa said...

Saydee is cute and so big! Is your brother leaving with the airforce?
You guys are so funny, we miss ya. You're all lookin' good!

Kourt and Megan said...

Looks like lots of fun! The pictures with Saydee and Scott are adorable! Miss you guys! You should come visit Idaho sometime :)

Sunne and Jared said...

Shelby that picture of Saydee under "the bean" is so cool! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!