Monday, November 2, 2009

NO Halloween, but other STUFF!

No Halloween pictures, but I will explain. All last week when we dressed Saydee up like a super cute bumble bee for Halloween I thought, SHOOT! I don't have my camera. I must have left it at my mom's house. When we went to my mom's house for Halloween I looked everywhere. IT WAS NO WHERE! Bummer. Finally I found it, after Halloween, while digging for a something in the diaper bag! It was in the very bottom of the diaper bag the whole time! There is my dumb mom moment for the week. I don't have Halloween pictures because my camera was lost in my OWN diaper bag! Watch out for those things.

Syd and little Saydee

The pumpkin patch. It was lots of fun, although David and Lindsey came and they were both sick. Saydee and I just waved to them from across the pumpkin patch. I know I am mean, but I am thinkin of my BABY!

Grand-mamamama, as Saydee calls her. She was obsessed with the "fake" cows when we were there. We did not plan on matching Saydee with the cows, by the way.

Fall Fiesta! For my job at UW Family Housing we get to plan fun parties like this one. We had face painting, pony rides, 2 huge bounce houses and a slide, a magic show, and tons and tons of pizza. It was lots of fun.

Syd came to Fall Fiesta to help with the face painting.

The Puyallup Fair! This was in September, but I am just now getting the pictures up. I think that Brynlee is in there somewhere!

The "choo-choo." We had a lot of fun, although I lied to the woman taking the tickets because Saydee wasn't quite 2 yet, so she wasn't supposed to ride. She asked, "How close is she to being 2?" I answered..."just a few months..." Doesn't a few months mean like 9 months away?

Ted and Saydee on the GIANT SLIDE. We didn't even ask about the you have to be 2 thing. We just went on. We are so daring!


The "am-nals" as Saydee says. We had a lot of fun petting all the crazy goats, and chickens, and stuff.