Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas and LOTS of other stuff!

These pictures go in opposite order of events...

This was a walk/park fun to burn some of those holiday calories. Saydee is wearing her super cute hat she got for Christmas from her Grandma Sutarik.

The Museum of Flight. Scott the fighter pilot.

My mom put pictures of Saydee on all her presents so she could pick them out. It was such a good idea. She could get right to them.

This is what happens when I say "smile."

Saydee carrying a 6 pound bag of gummy bears to "Gott!"

Aunt "Lindz a Pinz" made cinnamon rolls. De-LIsh!

Thomas! Saydee is obsessed.

The opening of Thomas!

Ted just had to SQUEEZE on in there.

Aunt Brynlee fed Saydee as many candy canes as she wanted. She is officially obsessed with candy canes.

Our visit with Santa...I think it went well. Don't you think?

The "kitty" towel. I just thought it was a cute picture moment.

Saydee with her blanket from her grandma Sutarik. We had our own little Christmas where we opened most of our presents before we went to my mom's house...for more.

I am laughing because of what Saydee is doing. It is so hard to get a good picture.

This little playground is right out our back door. This day she was a little hesitant to go down the slide. Today to took her out to play, and she just took off with out me. She climbed up the stairs, and then she went head first down the slide. I almost didn't catch her! What the heck happened?

Saydee and her BFF Mallory, or as she calls her "Manya." This was a kinda sleepover... and then Mallory's mom came.

Saydee and Mallory. Mallory always says, "Saydee funny." She is absolutely right. Saydee is pretty funny and crazy! Little Mallory gives this look a lot. I thought it was priceless.

Ted's Christmas present. My family helped me set it up for him. He was super surprised!

Just a picture for Grandma Sutarik. Saydee wearing her super cute hat made just for her.